The long, quiet, road to Istanbul.

It always starts the same way, you see something that piques your interest (and you know it’s probably a bit daft to start off with), and then like a seed it takes shape in your mind, growing slowly, developing into something a little more each day. Then all of a sudden you realise you’re losing sleep over it, planning, developing, and simply seeing if it’s feasible in your own mind.

CycleLove 1st Birthday Ride/Meetup/Raffle @LMNH

January 29, 2013 - 18:30

Bike blog CycleLove ( is turning one, and hosting a ride, meetup and charity raffle in aid of Cyclists Fighting Cancer to celebrate!

So, if you like bikes, design, photography, beer or any combination thereof, you should head down to London’s finest cycling cafe to meet some similarly lovely bike-minded folk — and win some fantastic prizes.

The CycleLove 1st Birthday Bash Meetup

Tuesday 29th of January, 6.30-10pm

Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, London


The big unveil

What does a pro-cycling team need to do to kick off the new season in style?  Apart from ensuring that they actually have a license that is, and preparing scripted soundbites for their riders to use when asked about a certain disgraced Texan...

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Buy one get one free on a bicycle?

Just added this to my blog page on the site...

What are peoples thoughts on this offer and what does it imply for bike sales?

Very interesting situation.


Rapha kit too expensive? It is for me. But you could try their magazine Rouleur. It's printed on posh paper and looks, feels and reads like a coffee table book you'll want to cherish rather than throw in the recycling bin.

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cycling blog...

and this weeks fave is

(ands thanks to voorsprung for the tip off, his blogs no bad either...)

'Stop SMIDSY' campaign sparks pedestrian vs cyclist debate

It’s a given that cyclists feel threatened by the behaviour of some drivers – understandably so, given their vulnerability when faced with half a tonne of metal box being driven by someone who may not even have registered their presence – but it seems that pedestrians increasingly feel the same way about those of us on two wheels.

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