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Complaints over bare-headed Chris Boardman’s helmetless BBC Breakfast bike ride

Chris Boardman’s appearance on BBC Breakfast this morning has provoked a flurry of complaints about his not wearing a cycle helmet – even though the segment began with him explaining why he chose not to do so. In a detailed explanation this afternoon, Boardman says that while the reaction was "understandable," it is also "unfortunate because it obscures what I believe are the real issues."

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BBC Breakfast presenters in velodrome race

Just in case anyone is bored of Christmas telly and looking for something cycling related...

Four of the BBC's Breakfast presenters went to Manchester Velodrome and, after some training, each did a lap against the clock.

There are two clips on the website about it, 6 and 8mins long respectively:
Website article:

BBC's Kate Silverton turns down chauffeur-driven car - she'd rather go by bike

BBC Breakfast presenter Kate Silverton last week turned down the offer of a chauffeur-driven car to take her to a book launch – because she preferred to get there under her own steam using pedal power.

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