BBB Traveller mini pump

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The BBB Traveller mini pump is a practical solution for those wanting a track pump that goes places.

The construction is a mixture of plastic for the main body of the pump and a metal swivel base that sits flat on the ground. This is well thought out given that it will have to endure, and plastic on this part could wear down quickly.

BBB Rainshield Women's Jacket

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The BBB Rainshield women's jacket is a little like Marmite when it comes to looks, but its performance pretty much fits the bill. Designed to stow away easily, it's a handy lightweight bit of kit.

Some things change you...

When you get a family, you start to question every penny of spend on things like cycling. 

When it gets to the end of the year and you need one or two new products to get you started for the next year its even more of a challenge to justify cost. 

Two pairs of Oakley sunglasses was a pretty decadent thing to be honest. I had radars and jawbones with a whole comination of lenses. Sadly the need for some new kit meant I had to sell them. 

So for the first time since 1992 I am riding without the iconic brand across my eyes. So what did I choose? 

BBB Arctic Duty overshoes


When the temperature drops but the desire to ride remains you need some serious protection for your feet, these oversized BBB Arctic Duty overshoes could be the answer.

BBB make clothing, accessories and tools. Despite being a jack of all trades they're also near masters in combining good design, well-chosen materials and delivering them at a price that makes them contenders for the mid-range – similar to DHB in many respects. So, to their Arctic Duty shoes covers.

BBB Microfold XLL Folding Tool


Refreshingly free of slick marketing and unnecessary machismo, the BBB Microfold XLL Folding Tool is a multi tool capable of tackling most roadside eventualities, without taking up half the saddlebag.

Its sturdy rubberised body is a nice touch, offering greater comfort when giving stubborn fasteners the heave-ho and saves weight in the bargain. However, extending this refinement to the chain tool would've elevated it from good to great.

BBB launch ThinkTank for product feedback

Dutch component brand BBB have launched a user platform they’re calling ThinkTank on their Facebook page to get feedback about cycling products. Fill in their questionnaire and you’re in with the chance of winning prizes.

So, go to the BBB Cycling Facebook page and click on the ThinkTank icon, or go direct to the ThinkTank page and hit the ‘Like’ button.

BBB TorqueSet Adjustable Torque Tool


The BBB TorqueSet Adjustable Torque Tool is easy to use and it might just save you a whole lot of cash in the long run.

If you don't own a torque wrench, get one. Bike manufacturers often tell us about people who have written off components or even frames by overtightening bolts. Gulp! It won't happen to you? I hope you're right, but even very experienced mechanics shouldn't rely on feel when going just a touch too heavy can result in a parts failure.

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