3/4 cycling shorts

Bontrager Commuting WSD Knicker


That's knicker as in three-quarter length cycling trousers. They're a godsend for the commuter, tourer or recreational cyclist, combining a relaxed look with long-term riding comfort - when they're well designed. Bontrager's Commuting WSD Knicker looks to be just that.

Rapha 3/4 Shorts


If you wanted to make the perfect pair of trousers to pedal around town what would you be looking for? I’d go for something just below the knee, slim fitting with a low waist band so it doesn’t dig into your tum when you are bent over your bars, nicely tailored so it wouldn’t chafe and made in a material that is tough yet breathable and can handle the UK weather. Oh yeah, it has to look great too.

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