Gear cables

Alligator i-Link Derailleur Cable Kit


The Alligator i-Link cable set has little to do with weight saving and more to do with precision and longevity. On the face of it, you'd need more money than sense to fork out 40 quid on derailleur cables...Then again, the outers aren't susceptible to corrosion in the same fashion as conventional types so should last many years, thus repaying the investment several times over.

Barrel adjusters

My custom built Van Nicholas Chinook was delivered without the down tube gear cable adjusters. It hasn't been a problem to-date but I'm planning on replacing the inner and outer cables shortly and would like to fit adjusters.

The Ritchey barrel cable adjusters don't fit as the guide tubes on the frame have a smaller diameter.

Does anyone know which brand/type do fit?

Thanks in advance.

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