Hi all,

I guess this question is mainly aimed at the UK cyclists on here.

If you use a cycle computer / odometer, do you have it set up to read miles and MPH, or kilometres and KPH?

I'm just calibrating my new one, and trying to choose. Always used miles on my old one, but am tempted to go metric. How many of us have done so?

Could it be a poll question, maybe?


simonmb [576 posts] 7 years ago

Personal choice I guess, and shouldn't be too difficult a decision to make since whatever you're on it's easy to do a mental calculation to see what it is in the other  26 Having said that, miles would appear to be the logical choice for UK. I must say I tend to look slightly askance at those who have a kilometre set up and congratulate themselves on completing a 'Metric Century' as if it were as worthy an achievement as an 'imperial' century. While a 62 mile ride is ALWAYS worthy of congratulation, its conversion to a 'century' is another symbol of the 'dumbing down' and rampant acceptance of mediocrity in our society. Although this instance is perhaps ultimately harmless, it is particularly sad to see when it creeps in to our wonderful sport.

antonio [1168 posts] 7 years ago

A computer can be a useful tool or a point of useless perception, 25 kph or 25mph. 100 k or 62 m. A racing man will almost certainly declare his speed, kph or mph, the tourist his distance. Perception is wide and varied, as a club rider trying to encourage newcomers into cycling, runs and destinations are chosen for enjoyment rather than distance. Some rides may be a hundred miles plus but with two or three cafe stops included, other rides can be short winter rides but always the emphasis will be social riding. A racing club will declare distance covered in the shortest possible time at kph or mph, it goes with the badge. A small social club may be looked down on by aspiring sportivoes, but we have just produced a European Champion from our midst, how's that for perception.