The British online build-you-own bike retailer have launched their Nuovo clothing collection, consisting of jerseys and shorts with more to follow soon

The Nuovo range is described as "premium and affordable" by Ribble, with the short-sleeved jerseys priced at £55 and bib shorts £65. 

There are male and female versions of each, with the men's jerseys coming in either red or charcoal with a geometric pattern and the women's in light blue or coral pink. The kit comes in "UK sizing" (we'll take that as regular fit, being as us Brits aren't generally renowned for our willowy frames) to give a good balance between comfort, performance and functionality. 

Ribble_Nuovo_Location Clothing_132.JPG

Ribble_Nuovo_Location Clothing_132.JPG

One of the women's Ribble Nuovo jerseys

The jerseys are made from breathable fabrics and the arm cuffs are seamless and elasticated. You get three rear pockets and reflective piping on all the jerseys. The bib shorts have two-way stretch straps, silicone grippers in the legs and laser cut details, with a 12mm pad made from perforated foam for all-day ride comfort.   

More items are to be released in the coming months, so expect jackets, bib longs and long sleeved jerseys to follow as Autumn comes around. We've got our hands on some of this kit already, and will be testing soon. If you're a bit of maverick and don't want to wait for our verdict though, you can browse or buy from the new range on Ribble's website already...



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handlebarcam [1082 posts] 7 months ago

Looks reasonably-nicely styled and nicely-reasonably priced. And, unlike some brands that charge double, they don't seems to be expecting you to pay them to ride around advertising them.

RobD [582 posts] 7 months ago
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Looks pretty smart, hopefully by UK sizing they also mean UK height, I have more issues with Jerseys being too short than too tight, I guess in Italy 6'1" is quite tall but I'd say over here it's fairly average.