Well made out-front mount for your Bryton. A bit expensive though.
RaceWare Direct Bryton Rider 35 bar mount
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You can't move for out-front Garmin mounts these days: everyone's making one. If you have a Bryton computer, with its similar-but-not-compatible twist mount you might feel a bit left out. But Raceware Direct are making one, so that's one option at least.

Raceware Direct print components in nylon using a 3D process, so tooling costs are a lot lower than traditional manufacturing which allows them to tap the smaller Bryton market. The flip side is that the process is much more expensive per unit than moulding, hence the salty £30 price tag; Garmin mounts can be had for around a tenner now.

Anyway, it's your standard fare: a loop to go round the bars, an arm out front and a mount for the computer. This one's for the Rider 20, 21, 35 or 40. The 50 needs a different mount though, which is also available.

The nylon bar loop is a snug fit and doesn't budge once tightened, and the twist mount works perfectly too. If you don't like garish yellow then a) you're going to have to put up with it for another year at least because it's still a la mode; and b) you can have other colours if you want.


Well made out-front mount for your Bryton. A bit expensive though.

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This is a 3D Printed GPS mount suitable for the Bryton 20, 21, 35 and 40 models it is designed to work with oversize 31.8mm. It is produced from Nylon using 3D printing and comes in black as standard but other colours are available upon request. Delivery time is currently around 10 working days as this is a special order item. It DOES NOT work with the Bryton Rider 50.

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bohrhead [82 posts] 4 years ago

I pity anyone that has a Bryton (like I used to  2 )

Colin Peyresourde [1840 posts] 4 years ago
bohrhead wrote:

I pity anyone that has a Bryton (like I used to  2 )

When I did the RAB some guys Bryton got waterlogged on a wet day in September. My GF has one though and it seems to work well enough for her. It is the poor man's Garmin - though that is probably a bit dismissive.

Anyone know of an out-in-front for a Bryton 50?

mattheww385 [46 posts] 4 years ago

I have a 35 and just use a Garmin mount...

spindoctore [53 posts] 4 years ago

what an absolute rip off !

Hoester [68 posts] 4 years ago

Without further justification from someone in the know, the price of 3D printed components such as this one surely indicates that the process is not yet ecomically viable for production or batch runs of components yet.
£35 less materials costs with neglidible manufacturing waste, operational overheads, and amortisation of a designers labour does seem to notionally leave a hefty profit margin, even if predicted sales are low?

Someone please (politely) put myself, spindoctore and countless others straight as it does seem very expensive for what it is.

Hopalongsteve [46 posts] 4 years ago

I have 2 Raceware Direct mounts on different bikes for my Garmin 500. Quality seems good but i must confess i would not pay the current asking price. In fairness, i paid £25 + p&p for mine last year direct from the supplier, but now they have been taken on through wholesalers/shops etc i guess they have raised their prices as the likes of Wiggle etc will want their cut now also.

I think £20 max should be the maximum price for ANY mount made from what is basically a form of plastic or that they should offer a 2 pack with a heavy discount for thos buying more than one.

However, they do make specific mounts for different models, something that put me off Garmins own one as theirs is universal and also designed to take the 800 series which leaves a gap between the bars/stem and mount if you use a 500 on it which i don't like.