Endura Luminite overshoes  £22.99


Not the warmest overshoes, but a good after-dark option

Weight 128g   Contact  www.endura.co.uk

by Dave Atkinson   October 30, 2008  

Endura Illuminite overshoes

With a healthy dollop of Scotchlite on all sides these overshoes are certainly a worthwhile addition to your night armoury, and the fact that your feet are constantly moving makes them even more visible. The fabric is a thin fleece with a waterproof PVC coating; it's stretchy, but not as stretchy as Neoprene, nor as warm. It is very windproof though, which is a bonus.

You get a Kevlar-reinforced heel and toe, and a full length Velcro closure which makes for easy fitting. The seams are all flatlocked and the main seams on the body are taped too for extra durability. In the depths of winter you'll probably be yearning for something a bit thicker and warmer, such as Endura's own Neoprene Road overshoe, but for warmer, wetter days the Luminites are great for keeping your shoes and feet dry, and they really come into their own once the sun goes down.

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Hmmmmmm, I might be in the market for some of them. How secure are the reflectives though? Baggy bought a pair of Altura Reflex overshoes and the reflectives were peeling off even as we left the shop!

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posted by Chuffy [206 posts]
31st October 2008 - 23:41


the scotchlite isn't stuck on, more kind of printed like you'd find on a decent jacket. so no problem with peeling. i can't see that they would in the future either - you can't separate the scotchlite from the fabric with your fingernail, even if you have a real go at it it. but time will tell, i guess...

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7854 posts]
1st November 2008 - 0:03


Ah, that sounds good. The Altura stuff is just stuck on. All you need is one tiny bit where the glue has failed and you can kiss your night time shinyness goodbye.

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posted by Chuffy [206 posts]
1st November 2008 - 13:30


 You'd need afternoon shinyness around here today the weather is so completely cack!

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
1st November 2008 - 17:10


Had a pair about a month. Not all the shiny stuff is scotchlite but I suppose for under 20 quid......My main gripe is that like lots of other overshoes the construction is pretty flimsy round the toe area, because however much most of us roadies hate to do it...occasionally you have to put a foot down and sometimes, strewth!, walk a bit (to the shop only, I don't mean clip clopping Wink )I have used neoprene from an old wetsuit and some black magic repair stuff and the shoes are now stronger than they were! Having said that, at this rate they are going to morph into a neoprene pair of different colours before this winter ends.

They do keep out the water though and even on recent evening training rides my feet weren't cold. Smile (that might have more to do with worrying so much about hitting ice I forgot the pain in my extremeties)

All in all, not bad for the money but next time I'm going for something more heavy duty. (maybe I should design some Nerd )

posted by longwhitecloud [1 posts]
12th January 2009 - 15:05