A light jersey, ideal for summer or winter mid layer. It almost feels like your favourite pyjama top!
Specialized Trail Jersey
8 10

The detail of the this jersey is excellent, even down to the accent colour on the sleeve piping and hem - visible and raised stitching gives an almost faux denim appearance. The pockets and seams are stitched externally to prevent potential chafing and to give a smooth feel, which is evident against the skin and does not snag on base layers. The size tested was small, but this was large enough for my mid sized 5'10” frame. The loose fit offers a relaxed feel, but it still feels like a performance garment.

The yarn is infused with carbonised coconut shells (Cocona) which are claimed to offer UV protection and cooling in all conditions. I have been testing the top on a daily 17 mile mixed surface commute - always under a jacket - and it regulates temperature well. The Cocona is an attempt to make the top appeal to the ecologically minded rider and it is difficult for me to comment on it from a materials perspective in a short time of testing. I think I'll need tokeep this jersey to test across the year!

The top certainly feels as if it is made of natural materials, and the colours available - Brown, Forest (sage green) or Navy (as tested) – are earthy too. The navy is a deep and subtle colour which will appeal to many palettes. The jersey is constructed with cooling panels beneath the arms, across the collar, on the chest and down the back to assist with breathability when carrying a pack. There is one small zipped pocket on the chest and one on the left side back. There are no open pockets for larger items, but as the name suggests, this jersey is designed for trail use, probably while carrying a hydration pack.

Wash at cool temperatures to protect the coconut and environment, iron with a tea towel - the top feels delicate - and allow to dry naturally.