Lightweight, breathable liner gloves that add plenty of warmth at a very good price
dhb Roubaix Liner Glove
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These Roubaix liner gloves from dhb add extra warmth without much bulk and a silicone palm print provides grip if you want to wear them without another pair of gloves over the top.

The lightweight nylon/elastane fabric is very stretchy so you can get a good, close fit and it offers a surprising amount of warmth when worn underneath a windproof outer pair of gloves. The brushed inner face feels really soft and comfortable against your hands and it helps move moisture outwards to keep your hands feeling dry when you start to sweat.

The cuff is high, reaching well above your wrist to avoid any unwanted gaps, and it's held in place with a flat-lock seam for extra comfort. The seams elsewhere are a bit more noticeable, the ones on the ends of the fingers in particular, but they're not uncomfortable – you're just aware of them at times.

The silicone print – lines and the dhb logo – adds a reasonable amount of grip, covering the whole of the palm and the underside of the fingers, and the upper-side of the index finger as well, which comes in handy for braking and shifting.

Cold air blows through the fabric quite easily without a windproof layer on top but you get enough warmth for a lot of autumn/spring conditions here. I'd never head out with these as my only gloves because they're not padded, but on a long winter ride you might want to take off your outer gloves for a bit – say the sun comes out, you hit a hilly section or whatever – and these will do just fine on their own then.


Lightweight, breathable liner gloves that add plenty of warmth at a very good price

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Make and model: dhb Roubaix Liner Glove

Size tested: Medium

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These could come in handy for any type of cyclist, really –


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jamesfifield [105 posts] 3 years ago

"Out of Stock - Pre-Order now for earliest delivery, stock expected Early March"

cliveg1 [30 posts] 3 years ago

I can recommend them too - got a pair following a review last year and haven't regretted it - cheap as chips, versatile and good value

amazon22 [212 posts] 3 years ago

Second pair of dhb gloves reviewed but not available from Wiggle ... silk liners are available for less money from outdoor shops - I have some Outdoor Designs ones which make a huge difference to the warmth level of a windproof glove - £8.

Tony Farrelly [2839 posts] 3 years ago

They must be popular cos they were in stock when we scheduled them on Monday

Dr_Death [31 posts] 3 years ago

I'd rate them too. I bust the stitches on mine trying to remove them without unhooking the thumbloops of my jacket. So, as long as you are not a retard they are great.

(Mine are still lovely and warm without me having gotten round to repairing them)