Solo Merino Wool sock  £14.00


Not the cheapest, but your feet will thank you


by Dave Atkinson   June 7, 2009  

Solo merino socks

Solo promise that their Merino sock will 'help you say goodbye to sweaty, smelly feet' and they're spot on: these are amongst the most comfortable cycling socks I've ever worn. All this performance comes at a price, but if you suffer at all in the foot department then it's a price worth paying.

The Solos are constructed in the main from New Zealand Merino wool, with a bit of nylon and Lycra thrown in to help them keep their shape. They feature a very loose knit on the top panel to help keep the foot cool, with denser material on the footbed for longevity. The logo and coloured bands lend them a slightly retro air, and the quality of construction is excellent.

Also excellent is the performance. These really are among the best socks I've tried. Even wearing them for days at a time in a heatwave they were supremely comfortable, doing a great job at regulating foot temperature and wicking moisture. I tried riding in my Winter boots in 25° heat, but even then my feet didn't complain. They wash and retain their shape pretty well, and are much better at controlling foot whiffs than nylon socks.

So a big thumbs up all round then, with the possible exception of the price. Still, you get what you pays for here: quality socks that will probably outlast cheaper alternatives.


Your wallet/bank manager won't thank you, but your feet will test report

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I have the Rapha merino and love them. And the Rapha actually work out cheaper if you buy them in a 3 pack for 30 quid - still not cheap but probably the best value item Rapha make.

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
7th June 2009 - 15:32


I have a pair of the Rapha socks, which came "free" with my first subscription to Rouleur.

I noticed the other day that, after fairly infrequent use, they have worn very thin (to the extent I tore one pulling it on).

Will the Solos go the same way?

Also, does anyone out there do a "trainer" cut sock made from merino? I like to maximise what little opportunity there is for as much of a normal person suntan as possible....

posted by ourmaninthenorth [93 posts]
10th June 2009 - 10:55


I've got 5 pairs of Rapha merino socks, some are about 3 years old, used and washed lots, and all still in very good condition.

I too would like to find some trainer style merino socks, but not to attampt a more normal sun tan, that really is a lost cause. My tan now is truly ludicrous, but to be honest I love it; the badge of honour of the cyclist.

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posted by DaSy [693 posts]
10th June 2009 - 11:35


ourmaninthenorth wrote:

Also, does anyone out there do a "trainer" cut sock made from merino? I like to maximise what little opportunity there is for as much of a normal person suntan as possible....

Smartwool do some, they are designed for running but work great for cycling. I've had a pair for three years that have been used for pretty much every run & ride I've done in that time. I've worn through the sole on them, but they are ace and I'd buy again. Got my from Cotswold Outdoors for about £11.

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posted by Coodsta [110 posts]
11th June 2009 - 13:42