Charge Spoon Ti saddle  £40.00


As comfy as saddles get, pretty much.

Weight 246g   Contact  Charge,

by Dave Atkinson   September 26, 2008  

Charge Spoon Ti saddle

Let's get the whole 'saddles are a personal thing' bit out of the way - I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't think the Charge Spoon is a comfy perch. That's pretty rare, so they must be doing something right. Other things they're doing right are making it look cool, with a nice stitched finish, and not charging the earth for it. The Cromo version is still the winner for value, but the lighter Ti version is a lot of saddle for the money. It's available in brown, black leather (for a bit more) and pimpy white.

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got a chromo version on three bikes and yep comfy saddle, though just done Lejog on one and the stitching on the edges was starting to rub in a bad way..

posted by rootes [46 posts]
1st May 2011 - 16:54