Squire Snaplok 210  £59.99


Expensive lock that's easy to break. We wouldn't buy one

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by Dave Atkinson   August 30, 2011  

Squire Snaplok

Here's what looks like a good idea, at least on paper: The Squire Snaplok combines a solid shackle with a combination cylinder, so you get the benefit of added security without having to worry where your keys are. The lock carries a Sold Secure Silver rating, and it's available in two sizes, the smaller of which I'm testing here.

At least on paper, you say? Yup. First look at this and I was convinced you'd be able to pop the lock mechanism (which simply slides over the two broken ends like a sleeve) in no time at all. To be fair it didn't take no time at all, but 17 seconds is a very poor return on investment. It's not exactly a great vindication for the Sold Secure process, suggesting that it doesn't include trying to prise a lock apart, a fairly standard method of attack for solid shackles.

This is a £60 lock. I don't mind a bit of portability and ease of use at that kind of money, so long as it's backed up by some good, old-fashioned stay-puttedness, and that's not the case here. Squire rate it at level 13, the same as their Urban Patriot which is a decent lock and a good bit cheaper. If you want a decent U-lock, you can have one for as little as £25. It's a novel idea, this, but when push comes to shove it's as good as useless. Avoid.


Expensive lock that's easy to break. We wouldn't buy one.

road.cc test report

Make and model: Squire Snaplok 210

Size tested: black

Tell us what the product is for, and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

They say: "A perfect example of Squire's innovative approach to lock making. Attractive and easy to use, this light weight style lock is completely unique and is rigorously attack tested, achieving security level 13 and Sold Secure Silver"

We say: majoring on the innovation, weight and looks is okay so long as the lock still secures your bike. Squire need to look at its testing procedure if they're prepared to give this a 13 on their own scale

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

Specification and Features of Squire Snaplok 210

* 210mm.

* Lightweight and strong.

* Recodable hardened Boron steel.

* Patented.

* 10 year guarantee.

Rate the product for quality of construction:

Very nicely made

Rate the product for performance:

Took 17 seconds to prise apart

Rate the product for weight, if applicable:

It's quite light, but that doesn't appear to be a good thing here

Rate the product for value:

You can get a great U-lock for £25 - made by Squire, this is £60

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose


Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

The form

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

The function

Did you enjoy using the product? No

Would you consider buying the product? No

Would you recommend the product to a friend? No

Overall rating: 2/10

About the tester

Age: 38  Height: 190cm  Weight: 98kg

I usually ride: whatever I'm testing...  My best bike is: Genesis Equilibrium with SRAM Apex

I've been riding for: 10-20 years  I ride: Every day  I would class myself as: Experienced

I regularly do the following types of riding: time trialling, cyclo cross, commuting, sportives, general fitness riding, fixed/singlespeed, mtb, Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling, track

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do they still get to put the road.cc tried and tested logo on it now? Wink

posted by a.jumper [681 posts]
30th August 2011 - 11:01

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sold secure comes up short - again

Really, though?

posted by workhard [354 posts]
30th August 2011 - 14:08

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Swag prize LOL!

posted by BikerBob [115 posts]
30th August 2011 - 17:13

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