An all-natural herbal heat rub, perfect for bringing pleasure to the legs in bad weather
Natures Kiss Hot Stuff
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Before a long ride in bad weather, I faithfully anoint my ageing legs with embrocation to get the blood flowing and keep the cold at bay, I've used various brands over the years, so when a little pot of Hot Stuff Herbal Heat Rub, from Kiwi outfit Nature's Kiss, landed on my desk, I was happy to give it a try.

First outing with Hot Stuff applied was a local audax, on the day in early June when three months of drought ended with one of the biggest thunderstorms I've seen for years. We ploughed through the rain all morning, traversing knee-deep puddles and being sprayed by passing cars. Horrible conditions, but my sometimes troublesome knees were fine thanks to the Hot Stuff, which also seemed to give my calves and shins a kind of waterproof sheen. After a few hours we stopped in a caf, and my legs were tingling - but in a good way.

Since then, I've used the Hot Stuff rub every time I've gone out on my bike in iffy weather (which, given the June and July we're having, seems to be most days) and my legs have felt the better for it.

The main ingredients are cinnamon, menthol, eucalyptus and capsicum. So if you've caught a cold from going out on your bike in the rain, it's good for clearing the sinuses too.

At £8.99 for a 90g tub, this stuff isn't cheap, but you only need a small dollop each time. And if it helps you go faster (or just makes things easier) in cold and wet weather, I reckon it's worth it.


An all-natural herbal heat rub, perfect for bringing pleasure to the legs in bad weather.

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Darthshearer [134 posts] 6 years ago

Fully agreed. Been using mine since the end of last October and I love it!