Good home workshop stand for wheel building and fettling
Feedback Sports Truing station
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Not so long ago we tested Park's TS-8 truing stand and you can have this Feedback Sports Truing Station for £40 less. On paper it's more fully featured than the Park, in reality it's a little more fiddly to use although it's still a perfectly serviceable workshop addition, and decent value.

The most notable thing about the Feedback Sports stand on first glance is its one-sidedness: there's only one strut which Feedback Sports claim makes accessing the wheel for truing duties easier. I don't remember having many problems with two-sided stands but the single blade works fine, so long as you tighten up the QR or axle nut nice and tight. You get full access to one side of the wheel which makes for easy tweaking. Checking dish is simply a case of flipping the wheel. If you have a Feedback Sports workstand you can attach the arm to it, but the heavy base with its wells for bits and bobs is one of the stand's better features.

Once the wheel is in there's two gauges to play with, one for lateral wobbles and one for radial ones. Each is held on with a friction band and features a sprung pin and a threaded barrel to adjust the proximity to the rim. In theory this allows very fine tuning, but in reality there's enough play in the threads and the end pin to make it a less exact science; the single arm on the Park TS-8 is pretty basic but it's easier to position and I found it a touch more accurate.

Both stands will serve a home workshop just fine though, and although the Park is a little easier to use and a bit more sturdy, that's reflected in the extra spend. In terms of bangs-per-buck it's a pretty even contest, and the Feedback Sports Truing Station is a good value option for home tinkering.


Good home workshop stand for wheel building and fettling

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Make and model: Feedback Sports Truing station

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Faster truing process

Unlike traditional truing stands, a one-arm design allows faster truing, because unrestricted access means your hand and spoke wrench never have to leave the spoke nipple. Plus, the one-arm design means no dishing tool required; simply flip the wheel in the stand to check for proper dish.

flexible usage

Use the lightweight upper portion as a truing attachment on all Feedback Sports Repair Stands or use as a free standing unit with the cast metal base and rubber feet.

TRUE all types of wheels

True all sizes and types of wheels, including those with hub-side nipples. Plus, the one arm-design allows indicator to be positioned anywhere on the arm for unrestricted access for disc brake truing.

EASY portability

One-arm design folds down for compact portability.

storage compartments

Base features handy compartments for spokes, parts, lube and tools.

true disc brake rotors

Slide the indicators up the truing stand arm to check disc brake rotors.

Rate the product for quality of construction:

Frame is solid, gauges less so

Rate the product for performance:

Does the job fine, a little fiddly at times

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Should last as long as you need it to

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A decent stand at a decent price

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Easy to use in general

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Fiddly gauges

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes, most of the time

Would you consider buying the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

Overall rating: 7/10

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