Juice Lubes Viking Juice chain lube  £10.99


Keeps your chain clean, but doesn't keep it lubed for long

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by rob_simmonds   August 22, 2010  

Juice Lubes Viking Juice

Juice say they developed their Viking Juice chain lube after Scandiwelsh roadie legend Magnus Backstedt told them how unimpressed he'd been with that his chain was grumbling during Paris-Roubaix. Now, according to the Juice website "Maggy doesnt have to re-oil his chain on long rides. This makes him happy". Well good for him but his definition of a long ride doesn't go much beyond 140 miles, because that's about as long as this stuff lasts for.

Viking Juice. is a very thin lube, which makes sparing application extremely difficult as it just runs all over the place. After just three coats I've already used nearly half the bottle. According to the instructions you should thoroughly clean your chain and then apply two layers of Juice, allowing time for each layer to dry. It's fiddly and you'd hope for great results to pay for the effort involved. Once on it runs nicely enough and you certainly get a chain that stays free of grot and filth. Unfortunately the downside is that it doesn't last for long. I barely got 140 miles before the chain was running drier than a Methodist barmaid's apron and a fresh application was required. To be scrupulously fair that did include one wet commute, so you might get more mileage if you used it exclusively on fair weather rides.

You certainly get a very clean chain, which might be enough of a draw to persuade some people to part with £10.99 for 100ml of lube. And racers who run a low mileage Sunday-best race-day bike that never sees rain or grotty weather might benefit from the filth-free performance, but ordinary Joe commuting, training, and just every day riding cyclists that want a fuss-free lube that lasts are better off looking elsewhere.


If having a clean chain is the most important thing in your life then this is the lube for you, if you want long term lubrication it's not

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Make and model: Juice Lubes Viking Juice chain lube

Size tested: 100ml

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Did you enjoy using the product? No. It's fiddly to apply and doesn't last.

Would you consider buying the product? At that price, for that mileage? No way!

Would you recommend the product to a friend? No, I don't know anyone that obsessed with having a clean chain

Overall rating: 5/10

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