Some really good features, but too narrow and don’t work as a package
Keen Commuter Sandal
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I’m really … err… keen on Keen shoes, so was particularly looking forward to trying the Keen commuter cycling sandals. Unfortunately they didn’t live up to my high hopes.

Keen have a proven track record in designing really comfy and sturdy footwear, I know from experience, my 3 pairs are going as strong as ever. It appears as though they’ve tried their hand at cycling sandals and applied some fresh thinking. They got some things right, but unfortunately they also got some things wrong.

On the positive side, the sole is really nice and stiff which is refreshing in leisure cycling footwear. The stiffness is just right: stiff enough to ride, but still fine for walking in. Another great feature is the removable footbed. It means you can wash the sole really easily and thoroughly. The footbed is marketed as “anti-odour”. These anti-odour things never work for long in my experience, so ease of applying real anti-odour treatment is a big plus. This also means you can get at the footplate where you bolt the cleats onto which makes attaching said cleats really easy. I found the “waterproof” label quite funny too. I seem to wear my cycling sandals most when it’s raining. The large toe bumper is a great idea too. No need for your tootsies to feel vulnerable in these.

Not so good is the width of the sole. I have narrow feet and even for me the sole was not wide enough – painfully so. My small toe ends up between 2 bits of the mesh upper which is irritating and would lead to blisters on longer trips. Wearing socks would sort this out, but that look is not for everyone. I mentioned above that the sole is really stiff. Contrast that with a really flexible upper and you find your heel slipping out of the sandals a bit too easily. The upper just doesn’t feel up to the job. The fastening system – a cinch cord - seems like a really nice idea, but isn’t up to the job of holding your feet securer. And lastly, this is a bit more subjective, I’m not keen (sorry, did it again) on how they look.


Some really good features, but too narrow and don’t work as a package.

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Make and model: Keen Commuter sandal

Size tested: 43

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Did you enjoy using the product? No, they were not comfortable for me

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Would you recommend the product to a friend? I would warn them about the issues with the sandals and make sure they try before they buy.

Overall rating: 4/10

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zoxed [67 posts] 7 years ago

I have a pair and used them the last 2 summers. Overall I am happy with them: I find the fit fine, and no little toe problem (YMMV).
However I think the name "Commuter" is misleading: they have a thick, heavy tread more suited to mountain biking !! For a "commuter" model (speaking as a daily bike commuter) I would lighten the shoe by removing the toe cover and reducing the tread thickness.

cycling.instructor [5 posts] 7 years ago

hi, i have been using these sandals for more than a year. I have big feet so got a pair of size 48.
The fit is very good, but they are narrow at the heel. I think the fastening cinch cord is ok, but a bit flimsy for regular use. What is good about them is the toe cover which it allows you to actually do things in them rather than the open toe shimano type.
I have worn them continously on a recent two week tour of wales and would recomend them to any one, but they should try them on first to get a good fit. They are best cycling sandal on the market imho.

woollypigs [2 posts] 7 years ago

I too are keen on Keen sandals and pretty much live in the pair I have. Because of that I would have loved the Keen cycle sandals to have fitted me like the other sandals I have.

I found them way to narrow even when going a size bigger.

Here is my little review about them, http://www.woollypigs.com/2010/05/keen-commuters-vs-newport-h2/