Everything you want from a cycling sock, unless one of the things you want is for it to be cheap.
Muxu Ride Sock
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Muxu's ride socks are stylish, practical, comfortable and durable, and as such go a long way to justifying their hefty price tag. They're a bit too warm for the really hot days but great for general riding, with a cut and style that performs on the road and doesn't make you look like a freak off the bike.

Made from a mixture of 60% merino wool, 38% polyamide and 2% elastane, the socks are comfortable from the off. There's a mix of different weaves used, including a thicker ribbed section along the sole that adds a bit of cushioning as well as making the socks a bit more hardy.

Cuff length is just about right: long enough to cover the ankle and look okay with normal shoes, not too long so you get weird tan lines or have to roll them down. The neutral styling helps too, with a black/grey mix and a discrete logo.

Muxu have also added a reflective strip, which is actually a reflective filament woven into the sock around the rear of the ankle. That's one of the best places to have reflective as your feet are constantly moving and it's more noticeable, and the fact it's woven in means it's there to stay too.

I found the socks very comfy and good at wicking away foot perspiration. They never felt clammy, although they do make your feet warmer than a thin road sock on a hot day. They resist whiffs well too, and come out of the washing machine looking like new. £15 is a lot to spend on a pair of socks but they're really good, and finding really good socks is a rare joy for a cyclist. Overall they didn't quite knock the Solo Merino sock off the top of my sock hall of fame, but they're right up there in the mix.


Everything you want from a cycling sock, unless one of the things you want is for it to be cheap.

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Peterh [10 posts] 7 years ago

Muxu have just announced a 3 or 6 pack sock deal I believe: