Fortified carb/protein recovery drink to help you get the maximum benefit from your training
Zipvit ZV3 recovery drink
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This stuff is great – our favourite product in the ZipVit range. What you’re getting with the ZV3 recovery drink is an excellent blend of carbohydrate and protein, along with various vitamins and minerals, to improve your recovery after training and maintain your immune system.

A 70g serving provides you with 20g of protein – mostly in the form of whey protein – to promote muscle repair, and 43.2g of carbs – mostly in the form of easily digestible maltodextrin – to refuel your energy tanks, essentially.

It’s the details that set the Zipvit apart from the crowd, though. For example, ZV3 contains colostrum – derived from nutrient-packed milk – which has been shown to improve time trial performance. There’s beta–alanine in there, which may increase your endurance performance and lean muscle mass, and HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, if you really want to get all technical about it) which accelerates muscle recovery.

If you’re not into the science, what it boils down to is that this mixture helps you recover faster and more effectively so you get the maximum benefit from your training. It’ll combat muscle stiffness and help you stay healthy.

So who should use ZV3? Anyone who wants to ride faster. Recovery is what it’s all about. Training in itself doesn’t make you quicker, it breaks your body down causing, among many other effects, micro-tears in your muscle fibres. It’s your body’s super-compensation triggered by the training that makes you fitter. In other words, your body reacts to the training by growing stronger, but in order to do that it needs the right recovery fuel on hand – which is where ZV3 comes in. It gives you what you need to recover quickly and completely. And the more you train, the more benefit you’re going to get from this drink.

You add two scoops to 250ml of water straight after you’ve finished your ride, or double that after a really long or hard session. Each tub contains 20 standard servings. It mixes up easily and our chocolate flavour went down easily.

It’s also available in vanilla and strawberry, and is suitable for veggies (although not for vegans). Like the other Zipvit recovery and energy drinks, ZV3 contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


Fortified carb/protein recovery drink to help you get the maximum benefit from your training

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steve5bikes [2 posts] 7 years ago

I'm no expert but this is some of what Wikipedia says about colostrum:

Colostrum is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy. Most species will generate colostrum within one day of giving birth.

So how do they get this stuff?

simonmb [607 posts] 7 years ago

It's in the milk taken from cows within the first 48 hours after they've given birth. Sadly. My mind was racing thinking of all the other possibilities. I guess there must be a lot of very thirsty young calves out there.