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Versatile three seasons wet lube


by Shaun Audane   February 9, 2009  

Finish Line Cross Country Wet Lube

When conditions are harsh you need a tough lube. Finish Line Cross Country is just that. Made from a blend of biodegradable synthetic oils, polymers and friction modifiers, this lube is a versatile old school lubricant for demanding conditions – as the name suggests it's aimed primarily at off roaders, (Finish Line also produce a road lube, we've got a test on that coming soon), but when the Winter is at its worst this will certainly do a job on your commuting or training bike. To use, give the chain a good clean in a chain-bath and dry thoroughly before applying sparingly to each link and removing any excess.

A little goes a very long way and given the viscosity, regular wiping of the outer plates and jockey wheels is recommended to prevent it morphing into a frighteningly efficient grinding paste. Unlike some, it is well suited to other applications, doubling as an effective grease substitute on pedal threads, carrier fixings, seat binder bolts, bottle mounts whilst a few drops down lock and freewheel mechanisms keeps them turning smoothly. However, its constitution has a greater tendency to gum-up derailleur pivot points and control cables.

Through a changeable January, I managed 190 miles between applications-more on fixed, single-speed and hub transmissions where it ensures smooth, silent running and excellent defence against wet, salt strewn roads. There are more sophisticated brews on the market for racing in muddy or arid environments but as a stout, tenacious mixture with scope beyond chains it’s very hard to beat.

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but found that it's amazingly good at incorporating grit and creating a hard-to-remove grinding paste. The red "road" version needs applying more often but stays much cleaner and is in any case easier to clean off entirely along with the road muck.

posted by Anonymous [309 posts]
4th March 2009 - 14:32