Cane Creek V Brake road levers  £49.99


Elegant solution for those seeking to match drops with V or Disc brakes

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by Shaun Audane   February 5, 2009  

Cane Creek Drop V Levers

These V-brake road levers from Cane Creek are made from 6061 grade aluminium and based on their popular SC5 road levers. these are designed to counter the difficulties associated with pairing drops and linear pull/cable discs on cross/touring bikes.

On my MTB-based rough stuff tourer, they offer a surprisingly light action, which took a bit of adjusting to on my part because I've become used to very firm springs – it's good news for riders with small hands. Modulation and feel are excellent whether paired with mid range V-brakes or cable operated disc brakes, but unless you like flying resist any temptation to pair them with cantilever or the first handful of front brake will launch you over the bars!

Our test pair have a black finish which has remained largely unmarked by the thrills and spills of rough stuff riding, but silver remains, in my view, the sensible option for bikes in hard service. An integral quick release button ensures efficient wheel removal in the event of buckled wheels(s) means you've at least got a chance of riding home.

The ergonomic resin bodies of the brake hoods feel natural and offer intuitive grip-even in driving rain, although the hood compound feels a little Spartan after two consecutive hours.

Giving a penny change from £50, I wouldn’t mount them on a hack but they’re an elegant solution if you wanted to take advantage of MTB braking without resorting to Travel Agents and didn’t mind trading STI’s for band end shifters.

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Ah, £50 for a pair of Cane Creek brake levers? That would be a tenner for the Tektro OEM hardware and £40 for the Cane Creek branding then!

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5th February 2009 - 12:28