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Good quality grease that'll leave you with a slick bike and a clean conscience

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by Dave Atkinson   May 18, 2010  

Pedros Bio grease

This Bio Grease from Pedros is so wholesome you could spread it on your toast. Okay, maybe that's going a bit far but it is at least non-toxic and biodegradable, so you can slap it on guilt free. It's good stuff too, though it does have a tendency to separate in the heat.

The 85g tube comes with a hole that's just the right size for poking bolts into to give them a good coating – this is an important consideration – and a sturdy top that means it stands upright on the shelf. The grease itself is off-white and fairly thick, though if you're keeping it in a shed or garage that regularly gets hot in the summer you'll need to squidge it around inside the tube a bit before you use it, as like I said, a thinner oil does tend to separate out.

The grease is solid enough to pack ball bearings into a race with no problems and testing through the winter has shown it to be pretty tenacious stuff; not the hardiest I've ever tested but plenty tough enough for everything you'd want to grease on a bike.


Good quality grease that'll leave you with a slick bike and a clean conscience test report

Make and model: Pedros Bio Grease

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