KMC Z510HX Chain  £7.99


Solid, dependable and inexpensive chain for hard working steeds


by Shaun Audane   December 29, 2008  

KMC Z510HX Chain

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KMC's Z510HX chain is Intended primarily for the rigours of BMX racing and internal hub transmissions, but this beefy 112 link chain also lends itself particularly well to fixed and single speed applications.

The anti drop design, counters chain sag and suits road conversions, although isn’t so effective on frames with vertical ends (better served by a half link design that allows the creation of a “magic gear” to achieve good chain line).

Fitting the chain is easy and intuitive, although the chunky “Mushroom” pins made cutting to correct length something of a feat using a traditional chain breaker. However, once split it’s simply a case of popping the ends together courtesy of the reusable tool free link.This felt quite insubstantial and I feared it might split under load but so far despite concerted effort I have no problems on that score.

Even though it's not rustproof in the commonly accepted sense, the chain's silver finish has lost none of its lustre despite constant exposure to wet, salt strewn winter roads. Similarly, despite pairing with a very modest sprocket and sparing lubrication it remains surprisingly refined.

I reserve judgement on the magical properties of the “Stretch Proof” mushroom pin; not least as chains don’t stretch-they wear. However, on the strength of the past month’s slavery it would appear a bargain upgrade for lower end production fixers and other bikes in hard service.