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by Shaun Audane   December 22, 2008  

Finish Line Pro Road Lube

Not a year passes without somebody claiming to have produced the last word in low friction, high durability chain lube. According to the blurb, Finish Line Pro Road is a ceramically reinforced lubricant constructed from a blend of synthetic oils and boron nitride, resulting in a cleaner, stronger and longer lasting film of lubricant.

Finish Line say the ceramic coating is employed not only in the interests of low friction but to lock out moisture and maximise longevity. Take the chain on a trip through the solvent bath, dry thoroughly and dribble Pro Road sparingly into every link.

Closest to a wet lube in consistency, it flows from the spout in a milky consistency and appearance before turning to a rich oily texture. Wipe any excess from the outer plates and ride around for a day or two before giving a repeat dose, which apparently completes the ceramic coating process. Despite a quiet inner cynicism about all this, I have to admit that I detected slightly slicker shifting from my ala Carte transmission- even under load. To give Finish Line's claims the ultimate test I also took it off road… However, given the wet consistency I left it a few days before venturing of the asphalt .

This is primarily a road product but it seems very effective for moderate trail riding and might extend to cross (in less demanding conditions). Durability seems pretty good too, only requiring light re-application after 225 December miles. Closer inspection reveals comparatively lower levels of accumulated grime, although for best results, wipe the side pates and jockey wheels clean between top ups.

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i used this stuff for a little while, but i found it stayed very wet, even if i wiped all the excess off.
it certainly is closer to a wet lube.

i much prefer purple extreme.

posted by cmyk [30 posts]
23rd December 2008 - 11:39

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