Muc-Off Dirty Work scrubbing wipes  £8.99


Really good at shifting caked-on grime from components and hands alike


by Dave Atkinson   November 28, 2009  

Muc-Off Dirty Work scrubbing wipes

Muc-Off's Dirty Work wipes are like kitchen roll on steroids – fibre-reinforced sheets impregnated with cleaning chemicals and a touch of lanolin too to keep your hands nice and soft. At over 20p a sheet you'll want to use them sparingly but they're definitely one for the Christmas or birthday list.

The wipes come in a handy tub (there's packs of ten available too) and pulling the first one out reveals a tough-looking sheet about the size of a bit of kitchen roll. The weave contains tough red fibres which not only make the wipe stronger but add a bit of texture to help with cleaning duties. I put them to work on all sorts of long-discarded components in the shed and was pleasantly surprised with the results. They're hardy and well-lubricated with cleaning chemicals and made short work of most grime. The rough surface is much more aggressive than your old boxers from the rag bag, and after you've finished fettling they're top notch for sprucing you hands up. And yes, the lanolin does keep your hands soft. If they were soft in the first place.

The only real downside is the price: nine quid buys a lot of degreaser and there's always something you can rip up to apply it. Used sparingly for the really tough jobs – and tidying up afterwards – they'll last for a while though, and while you might balk at the price tag, Christmas is just around the corner...


Nine quid isn't cheap for 40 wipes but the Dirty Work sheets are really good at shifting caked-on grime from components and hands alike test report

Make and model: Muc-Off Dirty Work scrubbing wipes

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I've used these - and you're right, they're fantastic for cleaning frame and rims, but they've caused the tranfer adhesive on my frame to dissolve and so the transfers are lifting/curling off - very unsightly. So be very careful with these in those areas!

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