Very tenacious and clean running lube for winter
Pedros Syn lube
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Pedro's Syn Lube is designed for the winter months. A mid-weight fully synthetic chain oil that electrostatically bonds – apparently – with the chain. According to the blurb on their website the Synlube "includes extreme pressure additives and corrosion inhibitors to hold up to the harshest conditions."

Enough of the techno speak already, does it work? Well, sfter a seriously wet 70 mile ride at the weekend and another soaking commute this morning I was expecting the Syn Lube to have washed off, but the chain is still coated and looks clean. The drivetrain is still quiet and now that everything has dried out there's no signs of rust either. As very little road dirt and grime sticks to the chain you should be able to go at least 500 miles between cleaning and relubing.


the Syn Lube does what it says on the tin. Not only is it incredibly impressive at sticking to the chain in the wettest of conditions but its ability to stop road grime sticking to the chain is going to cut down hugely on chainwear over the winter, especially when the roads start getting covered in salt. It's reasonably priced too, considering the performance, and a 120ml bottle should last you the entire winter for one bike.

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Make and model: Pedros Syn lube

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