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Well worth a look if normal saddles make you suffer… unless you're a weight weenie

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by Dave Atkinson   November 5, 2009  

We've all seen amusing, noseless 'medical' saddles, but have you ever tried riding a bike while sitting on one? It's only then that you appreciate how much of your control is down to the nose of your seat. But the science behind the twin-pad designs is pretty sound - you're sitting on it using your sit bones, rather than perching on your perineum.

The Rido is the happy middle ground, a saddle that's more or less a conventional looking beast but with what Rido call 'Pressure Shift Geometry'. Essentially you're shifting your weight further back to sit on the shoulders of the saddle, and you're not in contact with the nose: it's just there for control.

The first time you sit on the Rido it feels, well, weird. It's immediately obvious that you're using a different part of your behind. It's not uncomfortable though, your weight is just supported a bit further back, and after a few rides you get used to the position. You do notice that there's no pressure up front, and the bits of your rear that you are sitting on are well suspended by the dual density base and padded sections. It's a lot more comfortable than it looks.

The main aim of the Rido, though, is to eliminate pressure where it's not wanted. I have to say I'm impressed, and convinced that it's an improvement: even on long rides there's no issues with pain or numbness. I'm not a big sufferer in this regard anyway, but if you are then the R2 is definitely worth a punt: it's not an expensive unit and could be the answer to your prayers.

One thing it's not is a race saddle. Rido claim that "It is no larger or heavier than a top-end sports saddle", but at 480g it's a weighty bit of kit when compared to even a bog standard road perch. That'll put off the sportive set, which is a pity as they're possibly the ones with most to gain here. When I mentioned this to Rido they confrimed that they're working on a feathery Carbon version that'll incorporate the same pressure shift shape into a much lighter seat. I'm looking forward to that one.


The Rido is designed to relieve the pressure on your parts and it's a success. If numbness or discomfort is an issue for you, you should check out the R2. Weight weenies might want to wait for the Carbon version, as the heavy R2 is more suited to commuter or leisure bikes.

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Been using one for about a month on my Cube Cross and it definitely does everything it claims, even after a 50mile excursion first time out. It did take a bit of trial and error adjustment (get it wrong and there's some definite chafing) but once sorted it's strangely comforting. No trouser area issues at all now and I am not what you would call svelte or taut of buttock.


posted by Ridire [45 posts]
5th November 2009 - 18:41

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I tried one of these and got rid of it almost immediately. Just plain uncomfortable - for my derriere, at least. It's also heavy. Settled on a (very different) Selle SMP. If possible, try before you buy as there is a very different feel to this seat.

TiNuts's picture

posted by TiNuts [98 posts]
5th November 2009 - 21:58


As ever, saddles divide opinion Smile

To be honest I wasn't expecting to find it comfortable at all and was pleasantly surprised. Sounds like you had the opposite experience, TiNuts...

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7830 posts]
5th November 2009 - 22:25

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Worst. Saddle. Ever. Had to ride the last 10 (of 25) miles home standing up to avoid excruciating pain.

posted by amazon22 [196 posts]
6th November 2009 - 12:18


Saddles and Marmite. you know the drill. Big Grin

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7830 posts]
6th November 2009 - 12:31


You mean you rub the marmite into the posterior to alleviate the pain caused by the Rido? Wish I'd known that the time ...

posted by amazon22 [196 posts]
6th November 2009 - 16:01

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Difficult things, saddles. I've had bad experiences with some that have had glowing reviews, it's all a bit subjective really. reading the above it seems the rido does what it sets out to do, ie change the sit position to stop pressure on your nuts. but i guess it's try before you buy, as always... no good alleviating that pain if it's just giving you another one Smile

Anyone got any suggestions for a new road saddle? I'm in the market. this bad boy looks a bit on the weighty side...

Barry Fry-up's picture

posted by Barry Fry-up [193 posts]
6th November 2009 - 16:51


Barry Fry-up, I can recommend the Sell SMP I mentioned above, but I did buy second hand (eBay) just in case it didn't suit so I could re-sell without losing too much. They are expensive saddles new! I've found that the few gap-in-the-middle saddles I've tried are pretty good for long rides.

TiNuts's picture

posted by TiNuts [98 posts]
7th November 2009 - 12:58


and again, barry fry up, i just got myself a Charge Spoon saddle and it is very good, esp. as they are only 25 squid and are very comfy. recommended

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posted by Fringe [1095 posts]
7th November 2009 - 21:37


Ergonomic or not, I wouldn't let anything that butt ugly (see what I did there?) near any of my bikes.

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posted by mr-andrew [303 posts]
9th November 2009 - 10:59


I'm with Fringe, the Charge Spoon is a genius saddle for the money, i've got two. anyone seen a review of the bucket?

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
9th November 2009 - 14:52