When it comes to time trialing it’s just you, your machine and the clock. No teammates to help you, no tactics to hide behind - any mistake made belongs to you and only you. Not to worry - we’ll train your body to maintain the pace and your mind to handle the pressure.

3LC Time Trial was created to turn the tables on time trialing.  Pete Kennaugh of Team Sky and former British Criterium Champion Rob Holden will guide you through intensive interval training designed to improve your lactic threshold, increase your core strength and enhance your muscle endurance. Train with the Manx and you’ll see your times tumble. (Duration 50 minutes)

3LC Time Trial will help you:

  • Build up your maximum sustainable power output at lactate threshold
  • Strengthen cycling-specific muscle groups
  • Improve your pedaling efficiency
  • Perfect your aerodynamic positioning

3LC Time Trial benefits cyclists of all abilities in the following disciplines:

  • Time trialing
  • Road racing
  • Sportives
  • Mountain biking
  • Triathlons
  • Cyclocross

5 FREE stretching sessions included