Very straightforward idea this from Commuter Technologies, and nice with it. Don't fancy cycling in your shirt, but need one for work? Can't afford a big stack of new ones at the office for a fresh shirt every day? Then try a Shirt Shuttle. It's a protective travel case for your shirt, so it'll stay nicely folded in your bag. It's easy to use and does the job perfectly.

The Shirt Shuttle comes in two parts: a durable, water-resistant outer shell, with a chunky yellow zip; and an inner plate, with rounded edges and a fold-down hanger. Commuter Technologies' eureka moment, so to speak, is that fabrics do not get creased if they're folded around curved edges. So, in the Shirt Shuttle, you place your shirt face down on a flat surface, insert the top lip of the inner plate under the collar, then fold your shirt over the rounded edges. Sides, then sleeves, then bottom. Next, fold the hanger down to secure it, and place it in the outer case, which opens flat, and is shaped to keep the collar protected. It also has foam pads that gently secure the shirt so it doesn't move and crease in transport. It's a simple idea that solves a real problem that commuters have. If you think it's the sort of thing you'll find useful, you probably will.