We've teamed up with Merino experts Woolistic to bring you our All-road long sleeve Merino jersey. Designed for maximum comfort whether you're out for the long haul or simply a quick weekend blast. Buy one now and we'll throw in a turquoise blue Brooks leather trouser strap worth £14.99!

Whether in short or long sleeve the All-road is an incredibly versatile and comfortable piece of kit, it's probably our favourite jersey in the range and has converted a number of the team to wearing wool. Modern Merino isn't itchy or scratch, well, maybe there's a slight itch the first time you put it on but once you've ridden in it that seems to disappear and you're left with a super-comfy riding top. Our theory is that once you've… ahem, perspired in it that seems to do smooth out the fibres - whatever it is it certainly works. Not only that, the fibres wick well and the top dries pretty quickly too. The other great thing about Merino is that when you do perspire in it thanks to the natural anti-bacterial action of the wool it doesn't start to pong for ages. That's one reason most of the roadcc team favour it as a commuting top you can get plenty of wear out of it between washes.

The jersey is medium weight, pre-shrunk 100% Merino wool, ideal for British conditions. The road.cc logo is embroidered on the front and also as a detail on the rear pocket, and there's a 'pedal powered' motif on the left arm, which also sports a smart blue highlight cuff.

The Argyle band in the middle of the jersey is knitted specially for road.cc in our trademark blue - it took us and Alex from Woolistic a long time to find a way to do it that gave the crisp finish we wanted. We got there though and It matches up really well with the socks and armwarmers. At the back you get the classic three pocket combo with reinforced corner seams for extra longevity. There's plenty of room in there for spare tubes, energy bars, a tool, a water or windproof, and your phone everthing you'd need on a ride in typical British conditions, and unlike the wool jerseys of old these pockets won't sag or bag - ours certainly haven't and believe us some of the road.cc team don't travel light.

There's very limited stock of these jerseys left, so get in quick! We're still offering the jersey at an introductory offer price of £94.99 which is £10 off the RRP of £104.99, but we won't be for much longer. Mind you even at full price it is still incredibly good value for the quality of the garment, just check out what other 100 per cent Merino Woolistic jerseys sell for to get an idea of that.