Look the business on your bike  with a pair of our road.cc CoolMax socks! Lovingly made in Colorado, USA, by Save Our Soles, the road.cc sock is a low-cuff medium weight sock that's just the ticket for adding a dash of style to any bike ride.

  • Black with a reinforced blue toe box
  • CoolMax™ fabric construction (50% CoolMax, 40% Nylon, 10% Lycra)
  • Argyle detail on the cuff, with road.cc and pedal powered motifs on the sole.
  • Mesh upper section for better ventilation

We really love our socks, we spent a lot of time on the design and the good people at Save Our Soles were very patient as we tweaked and tweaked again to get them just right. They don't just look good either, these are a top quality piece of kit as well as making socks for us Save Our Soles supply some premium brands so not surprisingly we've found ours to be really comfortable and hard wearing… and we wear our socks A LOT!

These socks are the easiest way to get some road.cc argyle in to your life so jump in to a pair today, be warned though, once you've got one pair you'll want another.