Hovding Helmet/Collar + Single origin BrewDoff coffee + Drew Loves Cycling & Coffee book

We have a winner for our one off Saturday Schwag Grab special* We won't beat about the bush…

It's Gizmo

If all goes to plan he'll be picking his Hovding Air helmet (we've asked for a full report… a pic with it on would be nice too Gizmo), BrewDoff Single origin coffee and Drew Loves Cycling and Coffee book.

There will be more compos coming your way soon, and we're voting the Saturday Schwag Grab Extra a hit too so we're going to do it again. 


Be the envy of your friends with your very own Hovding Air helmet (see main pic) worth over £300. Invented by two Swedish designers this airbag for your head has been all over the internet for the last couple of years.  It’s clever, it’s cool, and it could be round your neck tomorrow.

You love cycling (or you wouldn’t be here) so there’s a good chance you’ll love coffee too so you should love a bag of BrewDoff Single origin Rwandan coffee from www.MakeDecentCoffee.com. Here are the geeky details

Last but not least is Drew Loves Cycling and Coffee and who doesn’t (well, okay I’m more of a tea man myself) a guide to the capital’s best places for combining the two.

We'll pick the winner at 9pm. To get your prizes the winner has to go to the Spin x LCF even in Shoreditch tomorrow. No show = no prize all the other usual Schwag grab rules also apply.

unless we decide to do it again

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