Shock absorbing saddle design is seeking funding to go into production

The Morgaw saddle has integrated shock absorbers and recently won a Bicycle Innovation of the Year 2014 award in the International Bicycle Design Competition. Its inventors are currently seeking crowd funding to put it into production.


The saddle aims to offer the rider increased comfort by floating the saddle on top of the rails with integrated shock absorbers. These absorbers will be sold in three stiffness categories based on rider weight, including soft 40kg - 70kg, medium 70kg - 85kg and hard 85kg -100kg. They don’t give any figures for how much movement the shock absorbers provide though, but from this video below it looks to be a reasonable amount, though the shaky video camera and rail and seatpost flex is a little distorting.

The design of the saddle, with just four bolts securing the rails to the undercarriage, also makes it possible to easily interchange the entire saddle for a different one. Morgaw says this means you can easily replace damaged saddles or just swap to a different shape saddle.

The saddle is light too, thanks to the low profile design and use of carbon fibre rails, with a 181g weight. The company, which is two former professional mountain bike racers, have been producing lightweight saddles in the region of 100g since 2010, so it’s clear lightness is high on their list of priorities.

The saddle will be available in a wide range of colours and the saddle is constructed with an embossed non-slip covering.

Smoothing out rough and bumpy roads are the aim of endurance road bikes and products like Canyon’s clever VCLS 2.0 split seat post, and this Morgaw saddle looks to be another interesting way to smooth your ride. If you’re interested, and perhaps want to support them, visit their website to find out more www.indiegogo.com/projects/morgaw-innovative-bicycle-saddles Theyhave 10 days left and are $5,000 short of their $30,000 goal.

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