Video: BMX champ Matti Hemmings urban singlespeed flatlanding

Several steps beyond fixie bar-spins

by John Stevenson   November 29, 2013  

Matti Hemmings shopping for a piano

If you think your urban riding skills are the shizzle - or even if you don't - take a look at this video featuring flatland BMX champion Matti Hemmings doing his very impressive thing on a big-wheeled singlespeed.

The story goes that after Matti made a video for GCN demonstrating how to perform a move called a hang 5 people asked if he could do it on a 700C wheeled bike. Well here he is aboard one of Dani Foffa's creations showing that he most definitely can. 

Want to learn how? Here's the GCN video:

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Cool. Bristol'
s a fab place, lived there couldn't wait to leave but miss it.

posted by Guyz2010 [278 posts]
29th November 2013 - 23:41

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Balancing on the train track...!

matt_fantastic's picture

posted by matt_fantastic [73 posts]
30th November 2013 - 20:42

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Lovely shots of Bristol, the Severn Bridge is beautiful. Much skill, bravo, although it doesn't look quite as elegant as the boys and girls on wider tyres.

The Human Cyclist A blog. Try it, you might like it...

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posted by sm [329 posts]
1st December 2013 - 10:40

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Very nice. Obviously got a slider for his birthday judging by all the tracking shots though. Less is more.

To be critical again; why oh why does every cycle video need to be accompanied by some annoying banging dance track? I am getting old it's true but constant dance beats just reminds me of those piss poor amateur YouTube films with someone's go pro descending a col with eurobeat over it. Yawn


Silly me. You're probably right....

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posted by MercuryOne [931 posts]
2nd December 2013 - 9:59

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The Severn Bridge might be beautiful, but that there bridge in the video is the Clifton Suspension Bridge

posted by jellysticks [64 posts]
2nd December 2013 - 12:53

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