Dog & Bone Wetsuit waterproof phone case launched

Uses an open design that doesn’t cover the touchscreen

by David Arthur   November 27, 2013  

If you carry a smartphone in a jersey or jacket pocket when cycling (and who doesn't these days) but are a bit worried about it being damaged due to moisture from excessive sweating or getting soaked in the rain, then the Dog & Bone Wetsuit waterproof phone case looks like a good solution.

There are already quite a few solutions that aim to keep an expensive smartphone protected from the elements, but where the Wetsuit sets itself apart from the rest is that the touchscreen isn't covered. The company calls this their ‘topless’ design and the key advantage is you can still operate the touchscreen normally. Most waterproof cases use a fully sealed design with a thin layer of plastic held over the screen, but these can impair the sensitivity when operating the screen. 


Because the screen is made from glass it’s waterproof already, the design instead leaves the screen exposed and relies on having a really good seal around the edges. This means you can operate the screen normally, and that’s good if you need stop and answer phone calls on a ride, because you like to take a few photographs along the way, or need to check your route.

The case has an IP68 rating which means it’s protected against complete and continuous submersion in water up to a depth of 2 metres.The rugged case also ensures the phone can withstand being dropped from a height of 2 metres. It’s also dirt, sand and snow proof, so you could use it off the bike for other sports. Or just keep it in there all the time if you're a bit clumsy.

The case is available for the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S4. It’s available now and costs $79.95, no word on UK pricing at the moment. Check them out at

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Because the screen is made from glass it’s waterproof already, the design instead leaves the screen exposed and relies on having a really good seal around the edges.

Well that seems like a terrible idea. Applause

Yes, I'm sure it'll be waterproof - but the other thing that the covering the screen does is protect it from scratches when you are poking at it with muddy wet fingers or gloves.

posted by GrahamSt [14 posts]
27th November 2013 - 19:16

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a freezer bag costs about 3pence.

posted by localsurfer [151 posts]
27th November 2013 - 19:31

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localsurfer wrote:
a freezer bag costs about 3pence.

Where's that, Waitrose? I think they work out less than 1p each in Aldi Wink

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [7474 posts]
27th November 2013 - 20:15

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I take a whistle rather than a phone. Waterproof, never runs out of battery and always has a signal (unless I've run out of puff climbing a hill). Sheep are always on hand to help.

The Human Cyclist A blog. Try it, you might like it...

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posted by sm [329 posts]
27th November 2013 - 20:54

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I bought 100 re-sealable freezer bags for 59p. They do the job perfectly.


posted by Grizzerly [95 posts]
28th November 2013 - 8:42

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How do you get the sheep to blow the whistle?

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posted by djcritchley [141 posts]
28th November 2013 - 8:48

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You have to baaarter with them...

posted by Scowel [24 posts]
28th November 2013 - 9:30

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When this article was published I sent it to a mate as a joke. He's infamous for destroying iPhones & cases and has even managed to bork one of these

He's recently got into Tough Mudder style extreme running events. He actually went and bought one of these from Oz and is raving about it. He's been using his phone as a GPS tracker on these events, frequently submerging it completely with no leaks, and dropped it several times with damage at all.

Big thumbs up from him, the cack handed fool Smile

posted by VeloPeo [182 posts]
24th January 2014 - 9:08

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