Bristol police appeal for information after 13th November cycling fatality on UK roads

Man in his 40s is third cycling death in a week in Bath-Bristol area

by John Stevenson   November 20, 2013  

Broken bike (CC licensed image by garryknight,


A cyclist has died following a collision in Failand, a small village west of Bristol yesterday morning, November 19.

The cyclist, a man in his forties, was in collision with an oil tanker in Horse Race Lane at just after 10am.

He was airlifted to Frenchay Hospital after suffering serious injuries, but died this morning, November 20.

The road was closed for around four hours to allow for enquiries to take place at the scene.

Police are appealing for anyone who saw the collision, or anyone with information which could assist their inquiries, to come forward.

If you can help, please call the Collision Investigation Unit via 101.

This is the 13th cycling death in the UK so far this month, and the third in the Bath-Bristol area in the last week. On November 14, a 63-year-old man died of injuries sustained on Gloucester Road Bristol the previous day. No other vehicles are reported to have been involved.

On November 17, Jake Gilmore was killed in a suspected hit-and-run incident on Midland Bridge Road in Bath.

A 52-year-old man man from Bath has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving after police found a VW Golf abandoned near Royal Victoria Park. The car had damage consistent with the collision and has been seized for forensic examination.

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Presume this is heating oil as that's a very very narrow road

posted by bendertherobot [268 posts]
20th November 2013 - 20:58

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Does it matter what type of oil. A trucks a truck and they are all big and hard.

posted by Guyz2010 [283 posts]
20th November 2013 - 23:55

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Looking at the lane in Google Street View, it's practically a footpath!


posted by RPK [32 posts]
21st November 2013 - 8:08

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Horse Race Lane is a very narrow road, and the type of place I would consider relatively safe to ride, but obviously not in this case.

I'm also interested in the last paragraph of the item, "A 52 year old man from Bath has been arrested...." Let's hope they've got the right man and lets hope that this time they really throw the book at him (unlikely I know, but we can hope).

Hit and run is indescribably cowardly, and the seemingly growing inability of people to take responsibility for their own action constantly bothers me and makes me wonder where our society is heading.

posted by Grubbythumb [33 posts]
21st November 2013 - 8:23

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That lane is beautiful. Do drivers not realize that, round the next blind bend, we might just be cycling there?

PJ McNally's picture

posted by PJ McNally [586 posts]
21st November 2013 - 9:22

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Guyz2010 wrote:
Does it matter what type of oil. A trucks a truck and they are all big and hard.

Yes. Because one of them won't fit down there and the other will barely fit. So if driving either you'd expect them to be at walking pace.

posted by bendertherobot [268 posts]
21st November 2013 - 9:39

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Too many injuries and DEATHS of cyclists on our roads!! It's time to get something in place to act as a deterant to careless motorists. This news of 3, deaths in the Bath area; and 6, in London this month; that's 9, human lives lost through careless (and I do mean CARE-LESS) driving. If this 52, year old is the right guy; and found guilty of this hit-n-run (Murder) I hope they lock the Bar-steward, in prison for a long time.

Lets work to make cycling safer on our roads, life is precious to everyone.

posted by Mostyn [407 posts]
21st November 2013 - 11:18

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