Level crossing near-miss cyclist cautioned

Woman came forward voluntarily after police appeal

by John Stevenson   October 18, 2013  

Level crossing near miss Sep 2013 BTP YouTube still

The cyclist who swerved round a level crossing barrier and was almost hit by a train as a result has been formally cautioned by police.

The 26-year-old woman was caught on CCTV ignoring the barrier on September 12. She came forward voluntarily after an appeal by British Transport Police, according to the BBC.

The CCTV footage was posted on YouTube and the BBC. It shows the woman slamming on her brakes as she reaches the edge of the tracks at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. A second later a train speeds through the crossing.

The YouTube footage was made private when the woman came forward, but it can still be seen on the BBC.

Train operator Greater Anglia said that the driver had applied the emergency brake when he saw the rider. She can be seen edging back from the track as the train passes, before turning round and heading back in the direction she came from.

The crossing at Waterbeach is a busy one, with over 100 trains per day passing through at up to 75 mph. British Transport Police said there had been 70 reported incidents at level crossings in Cambridgeshire since January 1, but near-misses such as this one were “extremely rare”.

The woman was cautioned under section 36 of the Malicious Damages Act 1861.

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I think the train beat the police to the most effective caution.

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posted by sm [350 posts]
18th October 2013 - 23:57


I don't know how comprehensive a police caution is but it would be useful for the rest of us if in this case it included a warning to this woman against using this incident as yet another tedious 'helmet saved my life' anecdote and against making any comment in future to the effect that wearing a helmet means she is qualified to lecture everyone else about what a safe and concientious bike rider she must automatically be compared to the lecturee just because she has a bit of plastic strapped in her head.

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posted by Northernbike [148 posts]
19th October 2013 - 10:39