Catholic Church junction now has advanced green light for cyclists, but cycling campaigners critical of the redesign

A cyclist has been seriously injured following a collision between two bikes at the Catholic Church junction in Cambridge.

The Cambridge News reports that the collision occured at around 7pm last night, and that one of the riders suffered life-threatening injuries.

The junction has been in the news of late after the council installed new traffic lights at the junction, which is a blackspot for injuries. 11 cyclists had been injured there in the five years before this incident, and the new traffic signals installed Cambridgeshire County Council include a cycles only phase, giving cycle traffic a five-second window to move off safely in front of other vehicles.

However, cycling campaigners in the city have been critical of the updates to the junction. Cambridge Cycling Campaign chairman Martin Lucas-Smith said of the redesign that “Stuffing evermore traffic through this accident-prone junction clearly remains the priority.

“We think this is totally inappropriate for a ‘cycling city’, and against its own policy to favour cycling and walking.

“The scheme is better than the current junction design, but it would be hard to make it otherwise.”

We'll update this story when we have more details of the incident.

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cat1commuter [1422 posts] 4 years ago

Struggling to understand how a cyclist could be so badly injured. It is flat, so you can't get up a lot of speed through this junction. Maybe one of them was elderly? Or maybe very unlucky and hit head on something?