Video: Mark Cavendish turns actor to help launch Sainsbury's Sport Relief Cycle 2014

Events next March in London, Glasgow & Manchester with 3, 25 and 50 mile routes on offer

by Simon_MacMichael   October 2, 2013  

Mark Cavendish Sport Relief 2014 YouTube still

Former world champion Mark Cavendish has been showing off his acting skills in a new video promoting the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games in March next year, as the appeal looks for cyclists to join it to help raise money for good causes through bike rides in London, Glasgow and Manchester.

In the spot for the fundraising event, the Omega Pharma-Quick Step rider, the current British champion, can be seen whiling away his days while the calendar ticks down to the Tour de France, occupying his time by playing solo chess, vacuuming, and eating a gargantuan breakfast that we’re guessing differs somewhat from the one he’d tackle on a race day.

The Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Cycle will take place in the three cities on Sunday 23 March, and feature routes of 3, 25 and 50 miles.

Until 12 January, half-price entry is available, bringing the cost of the two longer rides down to £17.50 per person, as opposed to the full price of £35.

The 3-mile Family Cycle currently costs £5 for an adult and £2.50 for an under-16, instead of £10 and £5 respectively, while a ticket for a family of four costs £12.50 rather than £25. 

The longer routes in London start and finish at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which is also the venue for the 3-mile Family Cycle.

The Manchester rides start and end at Old Trafford, which hosts the Family Cycle.

In Glasgow, the shorter ride is at Tollcross Park, where the 25- and 50-mile also finish, after starting at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

Hoy is himself an ambassador for the event and on the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Cycle website the six-time Olympic champion gives his top sponsorship tip, “Get the person you think will sponsor you the most to sponsor you first. That really sets the bar high for other sponsors.”

The Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games 2014 were officially launched today by actress Denise Van Outen, who said: "I love Sport Relief and even took part in a mile event when I was pregnant!

“This year I'm going to do something more challenging and swim 5km.

“My three year old, Betsy, has just started having swimming lessons so I thought it was time for mummy to learn properly too as I've never been very confident in the water, so the Sport Relief swim really will be a challenge for me."

Besides the cycling events, people can also raise money through separate swimming and running events, taking place at more than 1,000 locations across the country.

Full details of those, as well as the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Cycle including how to enter, can be found by following this link.

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liam.cahill1's picture

posted by liam.cahill1 [42 posts]
2nd October 2013 - 17:28


Love the size of his house

posted by Chuck [476 posts]
2nd October 2013 - 17:44


Brilliant video... I have that mug too.

Shame its the same weekend as the Endura lionheart tho, otherwise I might have had a bash.

posted by charlierevell [38 posts]
2nd October 2013 - 17:51


looks pretty pro at the end there

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I will miss TdF in Yorskhire!!! Please donate! Big Grin

koko56's picture

posted by koko56 [334 posts]
2nd October 2013 - 19:36


0:47 - Has he got a lift in his house?

posted by farrell [1868 posts]
2nd October 2013 - 22:51


Think these events (50m) are closed road?

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bikeboy76's picture

posted by bikeboy76 [1704 posts]
2nd October 2013 - 23:04


Further proving that, to the general public at least, there is no other race than the Tour de France..

Obviously it's just an ad, and a good ad at that, but it's amazing how many people think almost an amateur could ridethe Tour (hell, even i've been asked!) without realising the other big races, the build up races and the complete dedication and professionalism required to be a Mark Cavendish. (Like asking the local pub team have they played the Champions League Final....)...

Still, good to get a cyclist on TV and you never know, it should inspire some new cyclists Smile

posted by bikerdavecycling [78 posts]
3rd October 2013 - 7:47


bikerdavecycling wrote:
Like asking the local pub team have they played the Champions League Final....

No chance of that happening for another year; Spurs aren't in it Wink

Simon_MacMichael's picture

posted by Simon_MacMichael [9303 posts]
3rd October 2013 - 9:10


Probably from an underground car park or something.

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posted by noblematt [7 posts]
3rd October 2013 - 11:05


bikeboy76 wrote:
Think these events (50m) are closed road?

Not according to the FAQ on the website: "the 25 & 50 mile routes are along roads open to traffic and the general public"

Simon_MacMichael's picture

posted by Simon_MacMichael [9303 posts]
3rd October 2013 - 12:56


Is that why it will be so grueling? Could be riding 2 a breast or more. What does happen in an open road event when 500 cyclists arrive at some traffic lights in Trafford Park?

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bikeboy76's picture

posted by bikeboy76 [1704 posts]
3rd October 2013 - 19:30


Sport Relief site says no

Route hasn't been announced yet ... could be nice if it heads north into the Epping Area.

The Sainsbury's Sport Relief Cycle will be a challenging 25 or 50 mile ride on open roads. Setting off from the iconic Lee Valley VeloPark, take on the challenge of the London Cycle and raise lots of cash for Sport Relief.

RhysW's picture

posted by RhysW [82 posts]
4th October 2013 - 21:28