Smaller, lighter and improved battery life, plus a raft of other updates

GoPro has just launched an updated Hero3+ HD video camera range, with the two Black and Silver Edition models featuring smaller and lighter waterproof casings and a longer battery life than previous versions.

The top-end camera is the Hero3+ Black Edition (£359.99). The most notable difference is a new redesigned transparent waterproof casing, making it a claimed 20% smaller, while still being waterproof to 40m. The photo above shows just how much smaller it is. Inside the camera is a larger battery for a 30% increase in filming time.

There are a raft of updates to the camera, including an updated lens offering sharper video and image quality, plus a new SuperView video mode which offers an extra wide-angle option for capturing even more of the scene. Auto Low Light mode automatically adapts the frame rate for changing levels of light, the WiFi has been improved and is now a claimed 4x faster,  and the audio capture has been upgraded too.

The Silver Edition (£279.99) gets the same updated casing to reduce bulk and weight, and the camera now has a 2x faster image processor than the previous Hero3 Silver Edition. It also has the updated WiFi capability from the Black Edition enabling 4x faster video and image transfer to any compatible mobile device using the GoPro app.

GoPro has also developed some new mounts, including a Junior Chest so children can use the chest harness, arguably the best mount GoPro produce. It’s ideal for children aged 3+.

They’ve developed a new QuickClip which combines with the Head Strap to offer more compact mounting to the head or hat. The QuickClip could also be attached to any object 3-10mm in thickness, such as a belt.

The Jaws Flex Clamp can be used to mount the GoPro to a huge range of irregular objects opening up a huge variety of filming angles. Use with the optional opposable neck to increase your options.

Here's the obligatory promo video:

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