Registration opens for Marrakech Atlas Etape

Moroccan sportive ride involves scaling a 2,600m monster of a climb

by Mat Brett   October 1, 2013  

Marrakech Atlas Etape Robin Kitchin 101

Registration has today opened for the second Marrakech Atlas Etape, a sportive ride in Morocco that takes you up to an altitude of 2,600m.

The big feature of the ride is the Oukaïmeden mountain which involves a climb of over 2,000m up to a ski station. It’s a similar height to the legendary Galibier in the French Alps.

We sent our man Mat to the inaugural event back in May, and he loved it. Read Mat’s article to find out why you should consider heading out to Morocco for this ride. It’s a good read, especially the bit where he gets hypothermia. Chances are that conditions will be much better next time around – it’s in North Africa in the spring, after all – and you’ll get the stunning views for which the region is well known.

The event is extremely well organised, and it offers something quite different from most European sportives. ​It ​is ​an ​inclusive ​event ​with ​no ​aggressive ​'broom ​wagon' ​and ​a ​choice ​of ​two ​routes. It is run in support of Education For All, a charity that gives girls the chance of a college education in Morocco.

The 2014 Marrakech Atlas Etape takes place on Sunday 27 April. Entry prices and all other details are available at