Three-year project to create new flagship bike

Boardman Bikes has released a video sneak peek of its new flagship bike, the Boardman Elite Series AiR/TTE time trial and triathlon machine.

The AiR/TTE is the result of three years’ work by Chris Boardman and his ‘skunk works’ >B56 special projects team.

Chris Boardman said: “For our R&D team this has been an all-encompassing and all-consuming project driven by obsessive passion.

“It’s taken over 36 months of hard work, expert design, testing, refining, and re-testing to deliver this high performance TT machine the result of which has been designed for out-and-out, superfast performance - for TT’s and triathlon.”

The bike will be formally launched at this year's Ironman World Championships in Kona on Wednesday October 9. Meantime, see what details you can spot in this clip:

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