"Good luck finding me on foreign plates" driver named

"Further enquiries needed," say Greater Manchester Police

by John Stevenson   September 13, 2013  

Foreign plates driver (source Mike Jacklin - Facebook)

Greater Manchester Police say they need to make further inquiries before interviewing the driver who refused to exchange details after a collision with cyclist Rob Lockhart last Friday and left the scene saying: “Good luck finding me on foreign plates.”

The driver has been widely named on social media as a Premier League footballer, and in the last few hours the Daily Mail has named him.

Lockhart's appeal for help tracking down the driver was widely spread via Facebook and Twitter, with even Sir Chris Hoy appealing for help finding him. Lockhart later sent road.cc full details of the incident in an attempt to clear up widespread misconceptions about the collision.

Asked to provide an update on the case this morning, a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police told road.cc: “We are still investigating this incident and at the moment, we are working to id the driver.”

When told that the driver had been identified and asked to confirm that he would be interviewed, the police said: "We need to make further inquiries before he is interviewed."

Given that the player's name came up very early as a result of the social media campaign to trace the driver, you might wonder if the only place he's likely to be interviewed is on Match of The Day. However, if Greater Manchester Police are having trouble locating the driver, we have a pretty good idea where he wil be at 3pm tomorrow afternoon. 

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