Endura partner with Movistar next year

Scottish clothing firm to kit out Movistar team for next three years

by David Arthur @davearthur   September 12, 2013  


Scottish clothing manufacturer Endura have announced a three-year partnership with the Movistar team, starting in 2014.

Endura have confirmed they’ll still be supporting Team NetApp through to the end of 2014, and plan to work closely with both teams. The new agreement comes just one year after the other British clothing brand, Rapha, linked up with Team Sky.

The company says it aims to use the new partnership to develop their line of performance clothing. Most of the clothing, but not all of it, will be produced at their own facility in Livingston, Scotland.

“Movistar are at the top of their game and we have an excellent relationship with them,” says Director of Endura, Jim McFarlane. “Right from the start of our discussions it was clear that we shared a common vision of how to work together and of the goals that we should set ourselves in this project. Everyone at Endura is excited to be working with such a professional and talented team of people and for our part we are extremely optimistic of what we can achieve for the Team in improving performances through technical development in the Team’s clothing.”

The new Movistar Team clothing will be unveiled before the end of the year.

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You dancer. I'm glad to hear this....even though its all

"Born in Scotland. Ridden around the World" (made in China) Angry

EDIT: just been put in my place


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posted by Gkam84 [9364 posts]
12th September 2013 - 17:06


well from the text above it looks like it would be justification to move some production to Scotland at least and be able to charge a bit of a premium for it. I'm pleased for them and hope that in tandem with the raised profile it will bring, they'll to sort out some of the QC issues that have plagued some of the more recent products I've bought from them. Should say that the humvee shorts I bought about a decade ago are still going strong though.

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posted by joemmo [1112 posts]
12th September 2013 - 17:09


I've got to say I'm hoping this will result in an improvement in quality of their kit to us mere mortals, for what club members pay Endura need to improve the quality and delivery time of their kit.

posted by MattFr [109 posts]
12th September 2013 - 17:33


So will Movistars new strip next year be tartan with tartan trim!!!

Chadders x

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posted by chadders [82 posts]
12th September 2013 - 17:44


chadders wrote:
So will Movistars new strip next year be tartan with tartan trim!!!

I wish I had a pic of it, but a couple of years ago on the Movistar website, they were actually selling a green and blue tartan bodywarmer with the team logo.

It looked bloody hideous.

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [9511 posts]
12th September 2013 - 18:34


I like this - my scarlet Endura jersey with tartan detail is my favourite jersey...


posted by Goldfever4 [194 posts]
13th September 2013 - 8:54


Looking forward to the hats they do coming with faux ginger trim

Chadders x

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posted by chadders [82 posts]
13th September 2013 - 14:28