New and redesigned models, and you can now create your own Vaypor and Vaypor + shoes

Aussie brand Bont has redesigned several of its shoes for 2014 and you’ll soon be able to create your own finish for both the Vaypor and Vaypor +.

We’ll cover the custom option first because it’s brand spanking new. Do you remember that we’ve told you about Charge’s custom saddle builder a couple of times? The Bont system will be a little like that it’s launched in October.

You get to choose the upper fabric, the colour from a whole load of different options, the print colour, and the colour of the stitiching. Plus, you can have up to eight different characters embroidered on the shoes. We think it’s a great idea.

Of course, you have to pay for the privilege of personalisation. You’re looking at up to £100 extra over the standard shoes. The turnaround time is likely to be about 30 days plus another week for shipping… so you can expect a delivery to take about five weeks in all.

Right, back to the redesigned shoes… Bont have done a lot of work on the Vaypor +, reducing the extremity of the arch support, for example, while extending it further into the shoe. They’ve also lowered the incline in the toebox, added more padding and opened up the heelcup, all designed to improve comfort and fit with a knock-on effect on performance.

Most noticeably, Bont have switched to a microadjustable Atop dial closure system with a nylon-coated Kevlar wire, and the sole is now unidirectional carbon fibre rather than a 3K weave.

This means there’s less resin which brings the weight down. The upper is Durolite. The chassis and insole are both heat mouldable. The price is £249. As mentioned above, along with the Vaypor, the Vaypor + is customisable.

Bont now offer a Riot TR triathlon shoe that’s the same price as the Riot road shoe – £99.99. It comes with a microfibre upper and a glass-fibre tub-style chassis that’s strengthened with carbon in key areas. It features all of Bont’s other key features too, including mouldability.

Closure is sorted by two Velcro straps, the lower of which you’ll never need to touch once you’ve set it, and there’s a huge whole to get your foot into for a speedy transition. There’s a Riot mountain bike shoe coming too, that’s likely to cost £109, although that has yet to be confirmed.

Bont have introduced a new Vaypor Tri shoe too, which they say is the first aero shoe in the triathlon market. It’s a semi-monocoque shoe that comes with a foot hole that, if anything, is even larger than that of the Riot.

The heel loop is massive too, so it’s easy to find in order to drag the back of the shoe on, and a single strap pulls the top of the shoe into place. The price has yet to be confirmed but it’s likely to be around £225.

Bont have been busy working on a new version of their Crono TT/track/long distance triathlon shoe, the original version of which was banned by the UCI for allegedly breaching the rules on aero equipment. 

As previously, the new Crono is a lace-up design with a flap that Velcros in place across the top of the shoe to improve the aerodynamics. The new version comes with dimples in the upper and more ventilation than previously.

It’s currently with the UCI for approval. If it’s not approved, don’t expect Bont to take it lying down. They came out fighting last time around.

For more info on Bont go to www.bont.com or visit the site of Saddleback, their UK distributor. 

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