Exposure Lights reveal new Garmin mount at Eurobike

Exposure Lights new Garmin mount appears at Eurobike

by VecchioJo   September 2, 2013  

We spotted this hiding in the Exposure Lights cabinet at Eurobike, it’s their new mount for a Garmin unit, this one on show is a pre-production version, the finished one will look nicer.

Exposure have machined the circular bit that a Garmin clicks into and designed it so that it clips into an existing Exposure light bracket, which we think is both a simple and clever idea. The Exposure clamp holds the Garmin on top and slightly ahead of the bars, not as far out front as other after-market mounts, but as the Exposure clamp is pretty thin it takes up precious little room on the handlebars.

If you already have an Exposure light bracket their Garmin mount will cost you a piffling £8 which is considerably cheaper than anything else out there, if you don’t then the bracket and mount combo will set you back £28. We don’t know the weight as we didn’t have scales with us, we’re guessing it’s Not A Lot.

Exposure Lights

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So it's not offset so as to be in front of the stem plate then? For £28?

posted by nappe [55 posts]
2nd September 2013 - 15:13


Looks ridiculous. Not much news from Eurobike and then this...

posted by bohrhead [68 posts]
2nd September 2013 - 15:47



I, for one, never go out for a ride with my Garmin and lights on the same ride.

Oh, wait. Thinking Applause

posted by Matt_S [227 posts]
2nd September 2013 - 20:50


now a GoPro mount would be handy Exposure.....

posted by themartincox [493 posts]
2nd September 2013 - 23:07


I'm surprised anyone buys anything other than the cheap SRAM mount to be honest. Doesn't rip up your garmin like some of the CNC'd ones, is light and (for me at least) totally rock solid.

posted by atlaz [175 posts]
3rd September 2013 - 7:15


themartincox wrote:
now a GoPro mount would be handy Exposure.....

Agree! The exposure mount is really secure and would be a great platform for a camera mount.

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posted by STATO [468 posts]
3rd September 2013 - 12:15