Four top domestic riders join Rob Hayles

Following the announcement that Rob Hayles is to captain the Endura Racing team in 2010, Four more riders have been added to the roster at the ambitious new team. Their aspiration is to challenge for the number one domestic spot next year.

2009 Scottish road race champion Ross Creber, 2009 Welsh road race champion Rob Partridge, 2-time Scottish road champion Evan Oliphant and 2006 Commonwealth bronze medalist and 2007 British Circuit race champion James McCallum have been announced as part of the 12-man squad.

“For me this was a natural move", said Creber of the move. I was with the team for the latter part of 2009 and I am very comfortable with the set up at Endura. The team has a 4 year plan, and for me that is key, as is the fact that the team will be racing on the Continent next year – something which I have always had as a target.

"2009 was my first year on the road - riding Premier Calendar races and the Tour Series, and culminated with me taking the Scottish road title. I am still learning and to be in a team with Rob Hayles as team captain will mean that my learning will be accelerated. I want to help my team become one of the best outfits in Britain.”

Speaking from his Manchester base about the move former Team Halfords rider Rob Partridge said:

“I’m very excited about this move and the 2010 Endura plans. This year one of the main reasons behind Team Halford’s success was the togetherness of the squad, and my feeling is that Endura Racing will have the same ethos. In addition to Rob I know Ross and James McCallum from the Tour Series, and got on really well with them.

“I am not sure of the 2010 race programme as yet, but of course the Commonwealth Games will be a big target for me. Being the Welsh champion I am looking to build on that success and make the team to Dehli next October”.

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