Mallorca tourists to get access to Bicipalma “Boris bikes”

Dead cheap bike hire on Spanish holiday island

by John Stevenson   August 7, 2013  

Bicipalma bikes (CC licensed by Bill on Capitol Hill:Flickr)

From 2014, visitors to the Spanish tourist Mecca of Mallorca will be abe to use the island’s Boris bike-style hire bike system.

The Bicipalma bikes have up to now only been available to locals as proof of residency is needed to become a member of the scheme. But from next year that’s set to change as Mallorca recognises the role of rental bikes in allowing tourists to explore the island.

After the London cycle rental scheme was opened to casual use it was estimated that more tourists than locals were using the bikes.

Gabrial Vallejo from the local Innovation Institute said “Foreign tourists are used to using bikes to tour cities. It will be hard to reach the numbers shown for example in northern Europe but the growth of this type of transport is unstoppable.”

Three days’ rental of a Bicipalma bike will cost a very reasonable €9 and €12 will get you a whole week.

According to, the system is used by just over 2000 Palma residents but the council expects the bikes to be used by 3000 tourists next year.

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Blimey $12 a week is v good value..

posted by NeilXDavis [118 posts]
7th August 2013 - 9:30


I'll buy a beer for the first person to ride one up Sa Calobra...

posted by merckxissimo [59 posts]
7th August 2013 - 10:46


Going down it could be even worse...

posted by phazon [28 posts]
7th August 2013 - 12:04


a recent trip, i was amazed at how cheap it was compared to the UK.

an excellent barista made coffee served to my table on a stainless steel tray in a perfect cup with 2 biscuits for 1.50EURO compared to getting a polystyrene nescafe one for similar price recently in the uk....

also Lactose free milk was 25p cheaper on the island than my local Tesco mainland....

posted by a_to_the_j [114 posts]
8th August 2013 - 11:41


I love bicycling in other cities, going by taxi, bus, tube, always keeps me lost in the city. Feels like being transported from spot to spot without really taking in the culture.

posted by TeamCC [146 posts]
8th August 2013 - 22:26