Bridge Street Saddlebag seeks Kickstarter funding

Designers of lightweight saddlebag ask for financial backing

by David Arthur @davearthur   August 1, 2013  

The designer behind the Bridge Street Saddlebag is seeking Kickstarter funding through August to put it into production. It’s been a year in development and has taken 14 prototypes to get to this stage, and they plan to manufacture all bags in Warwickshire. Now they need your help.

There are times when the capacity of jersey pockets and tiny saddlebags just isn’t enough to carry the supplies you need if you're planning a longer ride, whether it's an overnight Audax, a week of cycle touring, or even commuting to the office, especially if you don't want a pair of panniers on your bike. The Bridge Street Saddlebag emerged after Jonathan Ward failed to find a very lightweight bag that would allow a few essentials to be carried for a weekend of cycling.

There are already many saddlebags on the market, of course, such as the enduringly popular Carradice. The main focus of this saddlebag is weight, or lack of it: it’s about half the weight of conventional saddlebags, claims the company. It’s made from two layers of coated nylon wrapped around a hollow polymer frame. That means it’s waterproof and doesn’t swing from side to side or rub on anything as you ride.

A plastic quick release mechanism attaches the bag to the seatpost. It’s a standard design so spares are easy to come by. There's a choice of two mounts. The high mount ensures the bag is clear of the back wheel and your legs, while the low mounting looks smarter but there is the chance of the bag rubbing the back of the legs.

The bag has an expandable roll-top design, so it shrinks down if you’re only carrying a few items, and is offered in three sizes. The large has a 15 litre capacity and weighs a claimed 700g. The medium has 8 litres and a 500g weight, and the small is 4 litres and weighs 400g. Two elastic straps secure the bag down, and can be used to store a jacket over the top of the bag, increasing its carrying capacity.

Inside, the bag has a zipped pocket big enough to hold a map, with a second zipped pocket a secure place to store valuables. Outside, there’s a reflective logo and a light loop so you can attach an LED.

If that sounds like the sort of bag you could use, then head over to Kickstarter now. They’re seeking £3,000, and are currently at £580 with 28 days to go.

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Interesting. It uses the standard klickfix mounts, so i suppose could be used on the front also. Bit better than a normal h/b bag as it can be compressed, so stuff dosnt rattle around. Nice.

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posted by STATO [443 posts]
1st August 2013 - 12:58


Just the sort of thing I would to have, I'll go have a look at kick starter Big Grin

Endorphines going up and adrenaline going down, who needs drugs?

posted by banzicyclist2 [281 posts]
1st August 2013 - 13:05


Like the look of that

posted by Jezzag [39 posts]
1st August 2013 - 13:06


That is really should i invest?

posted by wildoo [30 posts]
1st August 2013 - 13:06


The shot with the camping gear is nice; I've always fancied the whole "ultralight touring" malarky.

posted by adamtaylor [55 posts]
1st August 2013 - 14:34


No mention of maximum weight to be carried on the plastic clip, great idea though.


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posted by antonio [1086 posts]
3rd August 2013 - 11:50